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A REAL Jackass

The man is our good friend Mark! The animal is the newest addition to our menagerie-- DANNY BOY!

Many of you don't know that Bonnie (Mark's wife) and I have this thing about animals. We are always finding good deals on exotic creatures and coming up with the most wonderful ideas. Unfortunately, this always involves our husbands running willy-nilly all over creation for us hauling animals in hillbilly looking cages halfway across Kansas- or Missouri. I think Jim even went to Iowa once for me. Or was it Illinois?

This time it was Bonnie's idea, so I am cleared of all responsibility. She found two miniature donkeys for $50 each in her local classified ads. Perfect! One for me- and one for her! How can anyone pass that up-- especially since I really and truly saw miniature donkeys for $6000 on a breeder's website. I'm sure these aren't the $6000 type- but who can really tell?

Back to the story... we are getting ready to attempt to load Danny Boy into the truck. I should say- THE MEN are getting ready to do this- I am snapping photographs so as not to miss a good blogging opportunity--or just in case the insurance agent needs proof of the injuries about to occur. As you can see- the men are sizing up the situation. Getting the donkey in the cage looks easy enough, right? Danny said he's not getting in THERE-- not after what happened to him last night!!! So, that brings me to what happened the night before!

Mark and Bonnie went to pick up these $50 donkeys. Bonnie called me on the cell phone to tell me they had them loaded and they were on their way home. I was asking questions about how tame they are, what they look like, how big etc. I was basically buying a donkey sight unseen and was a little unsure. I've done crazier things before, but my curiosity still had me.

All of a sudden Bonnie cuts in and says, "Woop. Lost a donkey." Just like that- cool as a cucumber. It was if she was telling me she spilled her Coke on the floor- only she said "lost a donkey" and I knew she was driving!

I said, "You WHAT?!?!" surely she said something else. She was so calm. Surely she didn't LOSE a donkey on the highway.

Bonnie replies, "Yes, we lost a donkey off the trailer."

I shriek, "WHAT?! You WHAT?? A donkey FELL OFF OF THE TRAILER?? IS IT DEAD?"

Bonnie says, still cool as ice, "Hmmmm.....(long pause and she looked for signs of life) No, it's not dead. It's getting up on it's feet now."

I am just freaking out about donkey and more than a little concerned about Bonnie's mental health too as I said, "How fast were you going- where are you? What is going on??? How did it fall off? Is it ok??"

"We are on the highway. We weren't going REALLY fast, but we are on the highway. I don't see how it fell off. Well I better go help Mark. I'll call you back."

So- Bonnie left me hanging like that. Thanks Bon.

So- this explains Danny's reluctance to cooperate in getting on the truck. The poor boy fell off and tumbled down the highway and got ran over just 24 hours ago! He was going to take a little more than just coaxing to load up.

Surprisingly, Danny suffered only road rash. He is skinned pretty badly in spots, but no broken bones, no horrible lacerations, no terrible injuries. Apparently, Danny stomped a hole in the plywood of the box trailer he was in and fell through the hole onto the road and the trailer then ran him over!!

At first Mark was patient with Danny as he tried to load him. He struggled, and then gave Danny a break, then tried again. No dice. Finally, he decided Danny was going in- no more fooling around.

Caleb stood by and helped with a needed *spank* on Danny's rump.

Danny was in. I told him WE would not let him fall off the turnip truck like Bonnie and Mark did. Unlike THEM, he was safe with US! He didn't look so convinced.

We made it home with the donkey. He's road rashed. He's bruised. He fell off a trailer getting to us. But- he's here! He rode with 2 lambs and 2 piglets. I'll tell you about the other critters later!

I am afraid these sorts of experiences will challenge our children's sense of what is normal, but what can we do about that? Thanks Mark and Bonnie for yet another incredible animal adventure.

Let me know if you see any other bargains in the paper Bon! *wink wink*


I'm sure the story of Danny Boy the Road Rashed Donkey will be lovingly retold and passed down many generations. I figured I'd better get the real story down before time re-tells history. It is no fable folks. This is truly non-fiction.

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  1. Your blog is awesome. I HAVE to make it out to Kansas sometime.

  2. Come on out! You can stay with us and get a free farm tour. I’ll even cook for you- if I ever get my stove installed. I still have no stove!

  3. We are ROFLOL! Teddy says the reason Danny stomped a hole in the trailer and fell out is obvious. It’s because he’s a jackass!!

  4. That has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long long time…poor Danny…Boy. He’s got a huge gash in his hide!!!

  5. Only at Gallagher Farm…..what would I do all day if I didn’t have “Around the Farm” to give me a laugh. Can’t wait to hear about your other critters.

  6. Becky said that someone on the EBC blog said that the way to load a donkey is to make him go on backwards. That makes sense since Danny looked like he really wanted to go backwards. I guess they just can’t help themselves when you back them up to the truck. Next time try that.

  7. I knew it!! I told the guys to load him by backing him in. But they would not try it. I think if he didn’t know where he was going, he’d back right up. Plus when you are behind them shoving, you are at risk for a hoof in the face. Leave it to the men to do it the hard way right?

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